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Staying the Path – Followers Come as They May


You may not all know it, but I recently celebrated The Appreciation Factor’s 3rd anniversary. (It’s January 31st.) 

I’ve found it rewarding, challenging, scary and candidly every once in a while, hard. The hard part is sometimes finding topics that feel true to not only who I am, but what I wanted this blog “to do/accomplish” in the first place. That is:

Share some thing new or Make you think about something in a new/different way.

Before launching The Appreciation Factor, even before calling it that, I wanted to write a blog that meant something The appreciationfactor Gravatarto me. I know many use many images vs. content to tell a story in a blog post and to some degree that’s not me.  For instance, I have my own fashion sense, but Kate Spade I’m not. Some days I’d even be hard pressed to be J.Crew like, though I’m slightly sporty, slightly nautical and others would say, a little preppy, though I would disagree on that last one. So Fashion Blog – No. NEXT! I just couldn’t pull it off.

I wanted to write content that gave people my view – which may or may not be in line with my readers. However, if they saw my topic in a different way – even though they may still disagree with my point of view – so be it.  At least a different way of seeing things was presented.

I also wanted to talk about something I was passionate about, and for me that was gratitude, especially saying thank you and sending thank you notes. When I gave it a good deal of thought, I saw that there were different ways of expressing my appreciation, for example, volunteering, random acts of kindness, making the world nicer, and things that I appreciated (anchors.)  I saw that it reached beyond just saying “thank you” or you thank you notes.

In January 2012, I worked on learning Word Press and worked on my first post – which is an abbreviated version of my “current” About page. Two days later my first “real” post Are We Really Too Busy to Acknowledge the Help We Receive was published and my blog was “real!”

It was scary, I won’t lie.  Putting yourself out there in a new way, and a way that will be around forever – if we’re to believe the Internet experts – takes guts, is risk and you may not find much satisfaction, except that which you bring on your own to writing each topic.

To this day, I am proud of all of the posts I’ve published, even when I think my writing could have been better. It’s true, I have had lapses in the time between one post to the next, but I’d never promised to post everyday, but my promise to post things that move me and not post for posting sake has remained true from day one.

Through this journey, I’ve met some amazing bloggers, many who are now friends, I’ve even guest-blogged – something I never thought possible, and as of 4/3 reached my 25th follower! (Welcome Cooking with Audrey!)  Thank you so much for the support of my followers and readers alike!

This brings me to one of the reasons I’d wanted to share all of the above.  Followers are definitely a measurement bloggers think about. For those that use blogging as a business, it’s their lifeblood, their means to succeed.  While candidly I’d always love to have more followers, I am simply trying to be true to my goals and write about topics that I’m passionate about, around appreciation.  The funny wonderful thing that’s happened, people are finding me, one follower, by one follower and telling me that they like what I’ve written, or that they don’t – which is OK too.

If my posts prompt you to follow me, or share my words with another – I’m honored.  It’s partly why I wanted to share this post by Alexandra Franzen.  She shares that I shouldn’t necessarily count how “many” followers I have as a single post and/or my words can touch many (more than the specific number of “official” followers), and likely some that I’ll never know I’ve moved. And truth be told, this is really what I’d set out to do in the first place, move you.

So thank you:

  • For reading my blog,
  • For being a follower – if you are one (I’m OK if you’re not one, but feel free to stop back and maybe one day become one if I continue to move you.),
  • For offering me the opportunity to share a new way of thinking about appreciation with you, and
  • For your great comments. This last one is especially motivating. I love feedback and content ideas, so please let me know what you think or if you have a great topic idea!


2 thoughts on “Staying the Path – Followers Come as They May

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Very well done, and I hope you can feel the appreciation. 🙂


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