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Appreciation… What’s In it for Me

Did you know that today, January 31st, marks The Appreciation Factor’s 4th Anniversary? Hard to believe that I reached this goal – sometimes harder to believe that I’ve published over 70 posts on the subject. While passionate about appreciation, ensuring fresh content and keeping you my followers interested and more importantly providing content that may make you pause and think about something in a new way, that pursuit can sometimes be challenging.

I recently started a new job which took me away from the blog, and I’m sorry if I’ve seemed MIA. Still you were never far from my mind as I would think – “OH I need write a post!” The next thought, “What should I write about?” It was a struggle this past month for sure.

No less passionate, about appreciation, I wondered, what could I write about and of course today, in the wee hours of the am, it came to me – how appreciation can fit into your life… or Appreciation, what’s in it for me?

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Ask Yourself, Am I Appreciating Others? – If Not? Try Volunteering

While I’ve spoken about volunteering before, it’s a topic that bears repeating.
Volunteering, for me, has been one of the most rewarding ways to spend my time, and this upcoming week (starting tomorrow)  is National Volunteer Week. This year the theme is “Celebrate Service.”


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Volunteering: Appreciating What You Have by Giving Back

Did you know that this week, April 15th – 21st, is National Volunteer Week?  Established in April 1974, President Richard Nixon signed an executive order dedicating the week to those who give their time to charity.  Volunteer Week is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities.†  Each year it’s grown in scope and notoriety due to the support of sitting presidents, governments and other elected officials.  In 2010, 62.8M people volunteered in the United States alone!*    

Have You Ever Volunteered For Something?
I have.  In fact, I’ve recently increased my volunteer activities. (I currently volunteer at several local food pantries, with my college alumni chapter and at my local PBS station.)   In the past I only volunteered periodically, but over the last two years, I’ve found organizations that I am truly moved to support.  Overall, I find volunteering a fun and rewarding way to give back to my community.  As an added benefit, it has often made me reflect and be more appreciative of where I am and what I’ve accomplished in my life. 

Why Volunteer?
It’s a great way to further a cause that you believe in.  You can meet interesting people who share your passion, and more importantly, you’ll be making a difference in your community, in the world and as a human being.  From a professional perspective, volunteering can provide you with hands-on experience and/or a new skill in an industry that you are considering for your career.  It can also help you find and develop new and valuable networking contacts, people you may not have had the opportunity to meet in your full-time job.

You should know that not all volunteer activities are necessarily “fun,”  (e.g., cleaning a warehouse, packing boxes, stuffing envelopes, sorting inventory etc. aren’t too exciting), but if you understand how the purpose of what you are doing is furthering the organization, and more importantly, you believe in the organization and its mission, it’s well worth it. 

Need Ideas On How You Can Get Started?

  • Food Pantries – There are both local and regional food pantries out there.  You can simply start out by making a donation (food, paper goods, health/beauty products) while you learn more;
  • Do You Listen to NPR or Watch your local PBS station? – Local PBS stations (radio and TV) always need help, as a bonus, you are already a fan;
  • The Arts – Do you go to the theatre or ballet?  Many of these organizations are non-profit or have an accompanying non-profit foundation.  You can help by staffing events or potentially with their administrative needs;
  • United Way – This is a great national organization that helps a variety of local non-profits and foundations that focus on children and families, many who might live in your own community;
  • Volunteer Match – Here’s another great resource that I found during my research.  It includes a blog about volunteering, a library of organizations where you can get involved (including a system that’s geared towards matching your interests and location) and an option to add your charity or non-profit to their list/library. 

What talents do you have that you could share? Do you already volunteer?  What organizations do you support?  What prompted you to get involved? Share your feedback as others may be interested in getting involved/supporting your organization too!

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