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The Art of Pause ah… Patience

I’ve recently felt a bit rushed and if I’m candid, a bit overwhelmed. The things I want to happen seem to be stalled and my hard work doesn’t feel like it’s gaining the traction I’d like.  To make matters worse, time seems to be running out, as if there’s a deadline I cannot afford to miss.  While I know in my heart-of-hearts, this isn’t entirely true, it’s disconcerting none-the-less.    


I know that when we I let go, things definitely fall in to place.  However, I’m not always as patient as I could be.
But as you know, sometimes the universe has a great sense of humor and puts things in front of us that we need to see at that very moment.  And as always (today) it was very apropos.


Dont Rush Quote


I wanted to share this image so that if one of my amazing followers/visitors needs it, it’s here, I’m just helping the universe out a little bit.  It’s also a visual reminder for me to appreciate the act patience and acknowledge that it’s OK to stumble, as the right thing for me will happen – I just might not be privy to when it’s going to happen!  

 – TAF