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Feeling Awesome – Appreciating Oneself


Hilary of Cutie Cameras, fellow blogger and now friend, after we first “met” via my guest post on her site, recently wrote about her thoughts on being awesome. In one example she notes feeling awesome after getting a promotion.

Her pondering prompted me to ask in the comments section as to whether we need to have an event, award or recognition to feel awesome and appreciate ourselves.  I’d like to think that we should be able to “feel” awesome about ourselves (or appreciate our worth) without a reward, albeit and award/recognition is always nice.  She agreed.


This lead me to think about how or what prompts one to appreciate themselves and feel “AWESOME”.


Growing up, society and our culture tend to tell you that we really should only feel good about ourselves if we’ve achieved some sort of accolade, accomplishment or promotion.  While of course this would make most feel that way, I think we should be appreciative of ourselves sometimes, simply “just because.”

I want to ask, do you only feel good about your self or appreciate who you are only if you’ve been recognized in some way?  If you say “not really,” I don’t think you’re alone. I think most people rely on others or a “thing” like a job to give them that boost to feel good or validate them.  Candidly even I have fallen in to this trap. I’d like to think we can, and should, change this “accepted” need.

Now I’m not a motivational speaker, nor a psychologist, but I’d like people to feel awesome simply for being themselves. That’s a powerful idea if you think about it, and it’s true.  There is and never will be again, someone just like you. So being unique in that sense is pretty awesome in itself.

I also know that this is not an easy feat to accomplish. We all know those happy-go-lucky people in our lives who never seem discouraged or sad. That’s great for them, however, I don’t think we should have to feel happy or awesome all of the time – for me that will never be the case – but I think general acceptance, or feeling awesome in the quiet moments of life could be the norm.

 What do you need to feel good or feel appreciated?


I’m working to appreciate myself and feel great for some of the everyday things that I do vs. those less frequent accolades and recognition.  

  • Showing my appreciation to others, and being more consistent about it.


  • Writing a blog that I’m passionate about, and knowing that I have touched some, simply by the words I’ve written.  (THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR READERSHIP/COMMENTS/SUPPORT)


  • Taking the long way so that I can literally stop and smell the flowers and see the beauty around me. (Think about if you didn’t have even just one of your senses – what a different world it would be.)


  • Being kinder.


  • Persevering when everything seems to take longer, be harder or include more setbacks than I had anticipated.


  • Giving back, even when that offer feels like a stretch.


  • Creating a list of achievable goals and those that may require more of a stretch. For each one crossed off, I have a sense of accomplishment.


  • Being the best me I can be.


  • Getting healthier  – For me it’s accomplishing small steps – swapping out a food item, walking at least 3x a week, making better choices and getting active. The healthier I feel, the better I will also feel about myself.

Of course accolades, promotions, new job offers etc. will help make me feel great, but I’d like to work on these above everyday things.

Hello I'm awesome



How can you feel more awesome? 3 ideas:

1. Think about what you already have in your life. Yes you may not be keeping up with the Joneses, but isn’t that a little outdated. You likely have much more than you think you do. Take stock. Be sure to also think about all of the people in your life. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by all that you truly do have.

2. Exercise.  Get those endorphins going.  A natural rush always hits the spot – and it can be achieved simply: Go up and down a set up stairs 3x or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk around the block. Wash your car by hand. Clean all of the windows in your house.

3. Live in the present and enjoy life as it is now. Try it by simply looking around you.
I’m guilty of looking in the past at some of the failures I’ve had, or challenges I’ve faced, and things I’m not proud of handling the way I did.  If I can instead stay in the here-and-now vs. giving in to that negative cycle of past failures, I can feel better and focus instead on how great that outfit makes me feel, how beautiful my neighborhood is in spring, how giving back made a difference.


See what simple things in life you can come up with that make you feel awesome.  Give it a try. What do you have to lose except feeling good?


Do you need permission to feel awesome, or appreciate yourself (e.g. getting recognized, winning an award or promotion)?

What do you appreciate about yourself?

What tips can you share to feel good and show appreciation to yourself?

*Special thanks to Hilary/Cutie Cameras for the inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Awesome – Appreciating Oneself

  1. I’m glad my (much shorter) post prompted such a well thought out, inspiring post from you. I love what you wrote. 🙂

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  2. I have a lot of work to do on this! But you’re right; it’s worth working on.

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  3. it’s so important to appreciate yourself, i can get way too hard on myself sometimes

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  4. I am blessed to have a friend who constantly supports me and lets me know I am special. I often wish I could offer her and others the elegant verbal support that I receive. But I do have hugs available for those that need it or just willing to share human contact.

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