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An Appreciative Valentine’s or Any Day

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So I’m sort of on the fence about Valentine’s Day. It could be due to the fact that I’m unattached at the moment and everyone else around me has someone special, but I don’t think my dislike of chocolate and roses, two main staples of this Hallmark holiday, helps.

Still when this holiday rolls around, I can’t help but be a little inspired by all of the craftiness heartsyou see in the blogosphere, not to mention the increase in popularity of  things to do for
“Galentine’s Day.”

(For those who may be confused: Galentine’s Day is the day where you celebrate your girlfriends. As per Parks & Recreation, where it’s said to have originated, it is celebrated on the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th.)


Appreciation – It Doesn’t Have to be Reserved for February

I love to show those I care about how much I appreciate them, and while I may not get on the whole Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day bandwagon – and neither should you if it’s not your thing – I thought perhaps I’d turn this into more a heart-themed appreciation post.

I’ve come across some great homemade ideas over the years.  So why not skip the card aisle this year and show your love and/or appreciation on February 13th OR February 14th (as we’ve become trained apt to do) or just do these at any time.  Just saying… break the mold once in a while.  Appreciation is a year-round thing. 🙂

Nostalgia at its Best

I saw this on the @DisneyPixar Twitter feed and it reminded me of 3rd and 4th grade when we made Valentine’s Day boxes, and EVERYONE in the class exchanged cards. No one was left out. Sigh I miss those days when we were all kind and inclusive. Definitely more specific to Valentine’s Day, but I could see this used at a child’s birthday too.




In case you cannot see the video and/or want detailed steps and a list of materials: Go here.


The Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach


Photo: Le Zoe Musings

I found these cuties a few years ago on the Le Zoe Musings blog by Kellie Van. They’re pretty timeless and you can apply the same recipe (or create your own) using a candy or chocolate mold of any shape! (Click the link above for the recipe.) BTW: I liked these because of the extra ingredients that in my version were more than the chocolate!


photo: Pillsbury

Photo: Pillsbury



I’ve also made these – from scratch, but I think you’ll enjoy Pillsbury’s Sweetheart Rolls recipe much more since the only ingredient is a can of their Pillsbury Refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls with icing.  Unwrap the roll, the wrap each end towards each other and “ta da!” hearts.
It’s really that simple but find the details in the link above.




When You Want to Send the Very Best

photo: Genesis Aire

Photo: Genesis Aire

You can of course go to your local card shop and purchase a Valentine’s Day card from a major card company, and I’m not discouraging that, but there’s still time to find unique cards from local designers at a flea or craft show. I liked the tongue-in-cheek nature of this one from Etsy’s GenesisAire.  These cards from WereInToIt are great too. (Can you tell the humor I like?)


Why not try the home-made route. Need inspiration? Check out two EASY ideas from Slip77’s blog that you can send on Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, an Anniversary, or Just Because.

Photo: Slip77

Photo: Slip77








Office Supplies FTW (that’s For the Win Image result for winking emoji)

Everyone, at any time, appreciates a note reminding them that you care.  If you’re not into writing a “novel.” AKA what you might see as the length of a Thank you or Just Because note, why not try the Post-it® route?:

Mirror or Wall Hearts

Stick Post-it Notes into the outline or into a full-on heart. Each stickie contains a reason why you love or like (Hey as I said, I don’t judge. You don’t have to be a the Love stage just because it’s February!) the recipient.  (e.g., The child-like sense of wonder you have when looking at something new. You’re so excited every time it snows! etc…)



Random Acts of Kindness That Can be Placed Anywhere

A cute school idea for your friends.  Place notes on lockers with an inspiring
message: Include things like: locker-notes
– You Inspire Me to Try Harder
– Seeing You at School ALWAYS Makes Me Smile
– Thinking of You Today
– You look Amazing Today
– You Are One of the Smartest People I Know

No matter the message be sincere in the intent.
You can also stick these on cars in the parking lot. Who knows whom you might inspire, or who’s day you could turn around.


For the Voracious Reader

Never let them lose their place with this cute, easy-to-make, heart bookmark by Jenny Chan of Origami Tree.
FYI: I also saw tiger bookmarks if hearts aren’t your think. Check out the site via link above!


There you have it!  Some heart-shaped ideas to show you care.  As noted, while heart-themed, these really can be used to show your appreciation any time of year. Enjoy!


What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day?
Is it a day of appreciation or too commercial in its intent? 

One thought on “An Appreciative Valentine’s or Any Day

  1. I like the putting Post-Its in the shape of the heart idea! Also, I think Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate love for family and friends in general and not just boyfriend/girlfriend or spouses!


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