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Thankful Thursdays – July 16th Edition

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Happy July everyone.  Today I have four great links to share with you that will help beat the heat and hopefully inspire you — several were passed along from friends and followers of my blog.

So sit back and enjoy these latest links that make me smile on this Thankful Thursday — (My tribute to stories and videos that exemplify appreciation, those that have moved me, and other people making a difference.)


Donations are for EVERY Girl (#forEVERYGirl)GS

A great share via a fav blogger of mine, Hilary of  Cutie Cameras.
I love this story about how the Girl Scouts (of Western Washington (state)) showed how Inclusive they are via their actions of turning down/returning the money from a big $$ donor.  Despite the fact that the donation would have covered a third of the council’s yearly operating costs, the organization chose to be Inclusive of all girls vs. Exclusive of those who the donor did not want covered.   A plus, the Indiegogo campaign they started to raise the returned $100,000 has already surpassed the goal by over $200,000 as of this post!  Read #ForEVERYGirl.


Finding More Joy in Everyday Life  is a company I’ve long watched admired, though without the “required” smart phone, I haven’t been able to sign-up for the full experience app.  However, aside from the ability to share my happy moments with the community, I do get access to articles, courses, and inspirational tips to help and inspire me to be more grateful and happier – you can too. Plus it’s FREE!

Created by Nataly Kogan, Happier is a “life appreciation platform” made to inspire, and where one can share the happy moments one encounters throughout their day.  Their mission:  “Help you find more joy in your everyday life.”  The site and it’s contributors talk to how gratitude, mindfulness, and staying connected to people who you care about, can create a happier and healthier life. There are even scientific studies based on these facts.  In one of their tips they share:

“People who write down a few positive things about their day are healthier, more energetic, less stressed and anxious, and get better sleep.”

It’s a great place to improve your day, see the world around you in a different way and share your gratitude.  You can see why this site/company and its tips/articles are right up my ally. Learn more at



1 man, 50 nautical miles

A local story for me, I found out about Dean Bragonier of Notice Ability’s quest to swim around Martha’s Vineyard (an island off of the Massachusetts coast) to raise $145,000 target for curriculum development for those challenged with dyslexia via a fav retailer’s twitter feed. (Slip 77 is one of his sponsors.)

Dean struggled with dyslexia growing up and though Bates College’s unique approach to education and supporting students with learning disabilities he found his calling to help others with the same struggles.  Read more about it and track his progress via this MV Times article.

There’s also a vlog (video blog) about each leg of his journey.  Here’s the first one:


*As of this post he’s completed the first five legs of his 28 leg, 50 mile journey.
If you’d like to Donate – go to Notice Ability Crowd Rise site.



It’s in the Who vs. the What

The images were so powerful to me, that I just had to share this great article about a change in viewpoint by fashion photographer, Rick Guidotti.  After a chance sighting, he not only changed his life, but his work’s focus as well.

One day Rick saw an albino girl walking on the street who was strikingly beautiful to him — even more so than the high-fashion models at the casting session he’d just attended.   While he was not able to catch up with her, he was taken by her beauty and immediately started researching albinism and found disappointing results.  Most he found were clinical in nature and called out these features as negative abnormalities and disease. They were “depressing and demoralizing.” He wanted to change that point of view by shooting photos that showed the beautiful and human side of people with albinism.  Read how he left fashion photography behind and advocates for people not only with albinism but also with a wide host of genetic conditions and chromosome anomalies through his photography and his nonprofit  Positive Exposure.  His images help others see the WHO they are seeing vs. the WHAT they are treating.  Definitely check out his Flickr account for some amazing shots too!


Do you have a story you’d like featured in my next Thankful Thursdays? Send me a link today via my Blog or Twitter


**I/my blog am NOT paid to support/share comments or promotions about any organization or company above. All comments and points of view are mine unless specified.
This issue is Thanks to: Cutie Cameras, Flikr, Slip 77, MV Times, Notice Ability, Happier, Yahoo, and The Advocate.

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