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Finally a News Site that Promotes Good News

Today while I was doing some research for a future blog post, I came across a great “new” site, The Huffington Post’s Good News page.  Launched on January 12th, it’s touted as a “hub for all things happy, positive, and inspiring.”  Wow!!!  Finally a news organization that sees the benefit in featuring things that are positive in our world.  This is my kind of site.  Definitely mark this site as a favorite, so that you can see first hand that good things happen each and every day.

It Ties In
Ironically or perhaps fortuitously, today’s post featured 11 thank you notes from famous people.  (As I said, this is my kind of site!)  So in lieu of posting the article I’d planned for today, I wanted to immediately share this web address and their post of wonderful thank you notes.  Keep in mind, these notes weren’t just great because of their author, many captured the true essence of what sending a letter of appreciation is all about.

All Were Worth a Read, But Be Sure to Check Out…
Audrey Hepburn’s thank you to Henry Mancini, the composer of Breakfast At Tiffany’s.  She was able to recognize the true teamwork it took to create this memorable film.  (By the way, Mancini won Best Original Score at the 1962 Academy Awards for this work.)

I also especially liked Neil Armstrong’s show of gratitude to the team that developed and built the spacesuit that kept him safe while he took those first steps on the moon.  Even though it was sent 25 years after the fact, it proves that it’s really never too late to say thank you to those who have made a difference in your life.

Is there a thank you note that you’ve delayed getting out?  Why not take a few minutes today to write it and send it out.  (Although I wouldn’t recommend using the form-letter format that Dan Rowan and Dick Martin hosts of Laugh-In, used to thank their recent guests, which included John Wayne (featured here).