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100 Days – Who Would have Guessed?

A few posts ago, I’d shared that I’d been feeling challenged and a little overwhelmed. Today I reached a goal I didn’t think possible and which has really given me a boost.


Back in March, I’d been working extremely hard on a professional goal, yet hadn’t seen much success when my career coach suggested I take a step back, as well as incorporate/make time to exercise to help create some balance in my life. If you know me, I’m not big in to working out. It’s just not my thing.  However, as you may know, when you don’t work out and you still eat the things you love that aren’t always terribly healthy, well let’s just say, you can experience growth. I’m not talking about the good kind as in mentally, spiritually or professional. We’re talking girth.


I left my meeting with him saying, “Well why not? Exercise cannot hurt. A plus, I’ll gain my wardrobe back.”
That was day 1.

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