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Inspiration in a Place I Look At Most

At times I think we all need some inspiration, something that reminds us to appreciate what we have, where we are in life, or to help us continue when the going gets tough.

To help me do just that, I created an inspiration door.  Yes you read that correctly, a door.  As I head out each day, I face about 25 different quotes and pictures that inspire, rejuvenate, and remind me that I am just where I should be or need to be.

I wasn’t motivated to create this “inspirational site” by a magazine or website article.  I wasn’t even focused on making it an inspiration door.  I simply started pasting inspirational quotes or ones that were meaningful to me at that moment, or at that time in my life, onto my kitchen door. (It’s also the door that I use as my primary entrance and exit.)   The quotes also aren’t all typed-up nice and neat.  I tape them where there is room.  Some notes are written on scraps of paper or a post-it, some torn from articles, and others are copied onto large index cards.  I even have two quotes from Celestial Seasonings, a company that is known for including thought-provoking quotes on all of their tea boxes.

One the best things about this door to me is that if I need it, 9 times out of 10 I find something to start my day off on the right foot or remind me to appreciate what I bring to the table.

Here are a few samples taken from my door.  (Note: Some I quickly copied down without the source/author.  If you are familiar with it, by all means let me know and I’ll update the post.)



Here are some other great resources I’ve seen or used to inspire me. (Do you use one of these or have another to share?) 


What do you do to inspire and appreciate yourself, and/or where you are today?  Do you have a go to website  for inspiration or a daily motivational email/quote?  I’d love to hear about it!