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Plenty To Be Thankful For

This week we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving.  It’s often a time for reflection and appreciation for what and who we have in our lives. 
I thought I’d share the top 5 things I’m most thankful for this year…
        1. My Dad…    He’s provided on-going support, guidance and a hug if/when needed.  (Hey everyone needs a good hug now and then!)

        2. My family (which includes my friends who I often consider family)…   For many of the same reasons.  They have listened closely, but instead of judging me, have provided candid feedback and support when I needed it most. Plus no one can make me laugh at myself more than they can.

        3. My health…  I’ve been fortunate stay healthy this year – knock on wood!

        4. Ability to Roll with the Punches (or Try to)…Today’s economy is challenging.  We’ve all been asked to make changes, sacrifices and do things we may not have thought we could or would have in the past.  At times this year I’ve gone in directions I never thought I would — some of which have proved awe-inspiring and have had great outcomes, others… not so much.  I’ve enduring challenges that seem insurmountable — but were not.  I’ve also shown a brave face when adversity came calling — proving I could carry on.  **This one is partly due to the support I’ve received from the first two on my list. 
        5. Confidence to Launch this Blog…  It was a long time ambition of mine to write more/become an author — and when it became easier to start your own blog, it was something I aspired to do. I’m so happy that I started writing The Appreciation Factor and that I’ve been lucky enough to attract and gain great new followers like you each day.

          A special thanks to those who encouraged me to take chance in the beginning and who followed me from day 1.  I’ve also enjoyed hearing about people/followers who have found and read my posts through other means, and those who have sent great ideas for new ones.  You inspire me — Keep them coming!!

What are you most thankful for??
I’d love to hear your list!

P.S.  On a related note, some companies have started to send Thanksgiving cards vs. the traditional Christmas/Holiday cards to thank me for my business/patronage this year. (So far I’ve received two and candidly would welcome this trend with open arms…))