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Thankful Thursdays the April 27th Edition

There have been unfortunately several days this month, where I’ve been a bit uncertain, the path rocky, and unknown. However, as I’ve navigated my way towards what will hopefully surely can be only better days ahead, stories like these always lift me up and inspire me. They also reignite the gratitude I have for those around me and for those who support me. Thanks for stopping by for this issue of:


Thankful Thursdays

Stories, People, Companies, and Videos that move me and which exemplify appreciation, kindness, or those making a difference in our world. 


Boston Marathon

source: ABC/WCVB

In New England, April is synonymous with the Boston Marathon. Everyone shows their hometown spirit and they are extra friendly to visitors.  Patience abounds.

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Thankful Thursdays – April 23rd Edition

Lots to inspire as of late.  Today for Thankful Thursday, I have 7 great links for you. 

I thought four were really inspiring, one made me think differently and the last two are a little gift dedicated to my fellow bloggers with a little help from I Can Build A Blog. 

*If you’re new to the Appreciation Factor, On select Thursday’s I like to post links to stories and videos that exemplify appreciation, those that have moved me, and others making a difference. (I’m always open to suggestions so send them along!)


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