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All things Appreciation: Things to Appreciate and the Ways we look at, Show and Think about Appreciation.

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I’ve often spoken about appreciating the things around us and others, but I’ve realized that sometimes I may not appreciate myself the way I should.  I am not talking about my sense of self-worth when I say this.

work-home balance

I recently completed an assignment that I wholeheartedly put my all into.  I enjoyed the work, the people and the satisfaction I felt from completing a job done well, but found that I hadn’t been appreciating myself when it came to creating a balance.  While I put in all of the time needed to do a good job, I wasn’t putting in the time to create a counter balance to relax and enjoy some of the simpler things in life, or even taking the time to work on this blog – which I thoroughly enjoy writing.

We talk about working hard and playing hard and today’s work environment/culture is that we should “always” be reachable no matter whether the work day has ended or even if we’re on vacation, but I think we need to set boundaries to create a balance.  By taking time  to refresh and renew our spirit, I believe that we can actually be even more creative and effective when we do circle back to the work world.  This isn’t saying that it’s a 50/50 split, or that it always will be equal – but more that the intent that there is more to life than work, is in practice.

Moving forward I want to find ways to take moments for myself or with others, that create a balance,  I’ve come up with quick list of ideas to appreciate the smaller things in life and to refresh my spirit — I’m sure that the list will increase as I get used to the idea of creating a balance again!

  • Read a book that is for pure enjoyment vs. career improvement or increased on-the-job knowledge.
  • Spend time with a friend slowly walking through the park on a sunny day or summer evening, simply because I enjoy their company and it’s nice out.
  • Sit for an extra half-an-hour on the beach after everyone has left for the day to savor the peace and quite and the sound of the rolling waves.
  • Try out a new recipe that looked appealing in my favorite magazine.
  • Write in my blog about some of the simple joys I’ve come across in life.

solo at sunset

Do you ever find yourself so focused on a job or task that you forget about appreciating yourself?  Are there ways that you create balance in your life?  Do you have tips to creating a strong work/life balance that you want to share?

Quick update: Found this great tool on LinkedIn to help you find ways to balance – by indicating what’s important – Had to share: