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Anchors Aweigh

Since launching my blog, I’ve written about ways I appreciate people and things, as well as how others show and share their appreciation.   In the spirit of mixing it up a little and stealing borrowing the collage post style I’ve admired from several of the blogs I follow, I wanted to share something I appreciate (in this case: makes me happy) and which inspires me in this “new” format.  Today I’m featuring the Anchor.

Many know the anchor as the fashion statement of this summer year– you see them on clothing, as jewelry, on cards (scroll down a little) and used as home fashions/accessories.  Despite this recent craze, I can say that I’ve long admired the anchor, especially for another reason — it is a longstanding symbol for “Hope.”  The word with this symbol has been used in both religious references and noted in secret societies’ rituals.

I personally love that you can think of the anchor as tying you to something or someone when you need encouragement and hope that it will all work out.   Plus from the fashion perspective, I love the nautical look.  I’ve been wearing/using anchors before the craze and see them as a way to add a fun, flirty touch to an outfit, or as a way to carry the beach theme into your home decor.

Here are some anchors that I’m “tied” to:

Anchor CollageClockwise from top left:
1.  This 4 inch iron anchor was a gift from my dad that he picked up for me in Northern CA – Thanks again Dad!
2.  A favorite TJ Maxx find – my Cynthia Rowley anchor shirt.  (BTW: They had the exact duplicate at my JCrew factory store/outlet for more than double the price!! (I was a true Maxinista!).
3.  A great 10+ foot anchor seen recently at the Mystic Seaport – I can’t begin to think about how large the boat was that was held steady by this big boy.
4.  An aspiration gift.  This is a wish necklace from Dogeared.  The idea is to make a wish when you put on the necklace and when the charm falls off – your wish should come true… Although I think I’d be heartbroken when the string broke and the anchor fell off!  They also call this one their “Friendship” necklace because our friends “help  us navigate the waters of life and help us get where we need to go.”  A great sentiment in itself don’t you think?
5. And finally this one was a great Chilmark Flea Market find.  Once used as a printer’s form to ink anchors on clothing and fabrics, the vendor simply removed the sponge insert and replaced it with wood to give it a second life.

What do you think about anchors?  Do you see them as a symbol of hope or simply a trendy fashion statement or household knickknack? 

What do you think about the idea that an anchor ties you to something or someone?