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Thankful Thursdays 2/15 – the Handwritten Edition

Mixing things up a little for this edition of Thankful Thursdays. 

Usually in my Thankful Thursday posts I focus on stories and people that exemplify appreciation, kindness or those making a difference.  I’m taking a slightly different tack this month, in part to support of my 52 Letters challenge and partly in support of incowrimo. (More about that in a moment.)

It’s no secret what a big fan I am of handwriting and the handwritten note – especially the thank you kind.  Handwritten letters say you care in a way that an email or a text cannot. They are easily saved and can be savored time and time again by your recipient — no matter what carrier they have, nor whether the electricity is working.  This prompted me to think about focusing a Thankful Thursdays edition to wonderful stories and a book that all have to do with the written word and hand writing.

I hope you enjoy it and are inspired so much that you put pen-to-paper yourself!  Continue reading