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Thankful Thursdays the April 27th Edition


There have been unfortunately several days this month, where I’ve been a bit uncertain, the path rocky, and unknown. However, as I’ve navigated my way towards what will hopefully surely can be only better days ahead, stories like these always lift me up and inspire me. They also reignite the gratitude I have for those around me and for those who support me. Thanks for stopping by for this issue of:


Thankful Thursdays

Stories, People, Companies, and Videos that move me and which exemplify appreciation, kindness, or those making a difference in our world. 


Boston Marathon

source: ABC/WCVB

In New England, April is synonymous with the Boston Marathon. Everyone shows their hometown spirit and they are extra friendly to visitors.  Patience abounds.

April also brings another tradition in April, #OneBostonDay.  It’s a day which is celebrated in remembrance of the Boston Marathon Bombings four years ago.  Per the esteemed Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, it’s a day that “serves as an opportunity to recognize the good in Boston’s community and to reflect on the spirit and resilience of the people of Boston that was exemplified in response to the loss and tragedies of April 15, 2013.”  While I love that #RandomActsofKindness (or RAOKs)  are encouraged on April 15th, I often wish for more kindness on a daily basis vs. identifying one day marked to do good.

Still as a whole, I think Boston has become a bit kinder since the bombings, and definitely never more so than during Marathon Monday.  Thousands line the 26.2-mile marathon route, cheering on friends, family, and strangers.  The energy is infectious. Truly you can’t help but cheer on the runners, no matter if you know them or not.

It’s probably why this Marathon story caught my eye.  I’d loved the story about Veteran Earl Granville, shown carrying his guide across the Marathon finish line, and how his image went viral as an icon for this year’s marathon.  Click the link in blue to read more.



The Heart and a Chance is Sometimes All You Need

The coach at the Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas shows the power of believing in someone and ripple of effect this can have on others, even by strangers.

He and his teammates gave this boy as chance, but more impressive, so did his opponent.  Sportsmanship at it’s best.  Watch the video. You may cry too.

Source: CBS/YouTube

Making a Difference, One Letter at Time

It’s still #NationalStationeryMonth which is how this story came to light for me.  Angela Joy Bailey is someone who refocused her own challenges outward, to help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people she doesn’t even know.  I can’t help but admire her and her “simple” initiative that’s making such a big impact.  I almost wish I lived near to her so that I could find one of her letters.  Since I don’t, I’ve started creating letters of my own to leave.  Are you inspired?
Two different articles here:


One Bar … Global Lives Impacted

Candidly I hadn’t given my hotel soap much thought, aside from the fact that I often will take it with me and then donate the unused bars (and shampoo) for distribution at my food pantry.  However, I was moved by this story about Clean the World’s, Shawn Seipler, who wanted to not only know where used hotel soap goes, but to start using it for good.  It’s definitely worth a read, and perhaps a mention to management, the next time you stay at a hotel.  Where does your hotel’s used soap go?  You can also visit Clean the World’s website here.




The last, is a heartwarming story out of the Philadelphia area…

Dreams Can Come True

This was a sweet story from Philadelphia CBS3.  For this 97-year-old, his dream became a reality – even after 70 years of dreaming.  Never give up.
Kudos to the Doylestown Fire Company for making this happen.

Source: Doylestown Fire Company Facebook


So… what did you think? Were you inspired?  Moved? Let me know.

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