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Thankful Thursdays the March 30th Edition

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Squeaking in a Thankful Thursdays edition. Thankful Thursdays Logo
With so much activity on the world-wide web and social media these days it’s great to see that kindness, positive words, and ways to show appreciation are still out there.  

I know that a couple of these stories happened a little while ago, but truly when you think about it, when is showing appreciation, gratitude or kindness EVER out of date?  Maybe one will inspire someone for next year.

So without further ado… Here are some great links I’ve found that support Thankful Thursdays – stories, people, companies, and videos that move me and which exemplify appreciation, or those making a difference in our world.

Giving Back… a Tradition

I came across a post about Charles River Apparel (CRA) and learned that they have a history of giving back all year long to needy organizations. CRA is the same organization that sells apparel during the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Currently CRA  is running a 10% of all proceeds for every sale of the Women’s New Englander® Rain Jacket (5099) in red to three different organizations that help families and individuals in need. There is still 1 day left! Click on the Rain Jacket link above for details!  You will ALSO receive a 5% discount for that same item once you checkout.  Truly a win win. Here’s what sales of the New Englander Rain Jacket (in red) are supporting through March 31, 2017.

  1. Circle of Hope Boston:  Collects, sorts, and distributes new and gently used clothing,  as well as linens and toiletries to children, women, and men. They serve individuals and families living in homeless shelters, as well as those in transition.  Learn more about Circle of Hope.
  2. Family Promise Metrowest (Massachusetts):  A cooperative interfaith partnership offering hope to homeless families with children through safe transitional shelter, meals and supportive case management as they seek permanent housing. Click the Family Promise Metrowest for more information.
  3. Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston: Since 1987, they have been dedicated to building simple low-cost homes by forming partnerships with low-income families in need of decent and affordable housing.  They also help empower families through successful home ownership. Click Habitat for Humanity Greater Boston for more info.

Reading this AFTER the March 31st DEADLINE? – Don’t Worry!
Each quarter a new cause is supported with key beneficiaries announced on the site. Here’s a quick list of causes CRA will support this year.




Two Valentine’s Day #RAOKs (Random Acts of Kindness) Stood Out  

Valentine’s Day, which also coincided with Random Acts of Kindness Week, uncovered two stories that really stood out to me.

Source: CBS A student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, made more than 1,300 valentines for both students and staff at the school

Source: CBS A student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, made more than 1,300 valentines for both students and staff at the school.  CLICK the IMAGE for full story.

Locker Love

In Troy Ohio, a female student spent months creating individual origami hearts to ensure that every single student, teacher and staff member felt special when they walked into school on Valentine’s Day.

On the front of each: You are Loved

Source: Troy HS Facebook page


In total, the student, who remained anonymous, crafted approximately 1,300 valentines. 

She started the project in September, and didn’t tell anyone, not even her parents.

The school put up Facebook post about the gesture and received dozens of replies from parents and people across the country, praising the student’s act of kindness.


Not Just One of the Boys

In another Valentine’s Day story, Utah teen, Tryston Brown, showed that he’s not just one of the boys when it comes to how well he treats his fellow female classmates.

Tryston, who has had struggled with depression, noted that junior high can be very challenging for teen girls.  He decided that he wanted to make sure that all 537 girls in his school felt “special and unique” on Valentine’s Day, and did so by giving each of them chocolates.

When he and his mom asked a local Hershey’s distribution plant for help in purchasing the chocolates in bulk, the representative was so moved by his awareness and kindness that the she/the plant gave him the chocolates for free. Here’s the link to learn more.  Special Thanks to Biana at BLovedBoston for originally sharing this link on her site.


Showing Appreciation and Positivity Where you Drive err… Park

Thought this was also worth a share.  A Colorado poet wanted to inspire others and started leaving “Window Poetry” on car windshields to help build people up and make their day.

You can learn more via the video OR visit the Car Window Poetry website.  One of things I liked best about his efforts, was his recruitment of young children. These activities teach children that their words can make a difference, AND gives them ideas on how to share appreciation and kindness with other sin the world.



Appreciation in the WorkPlace

This last one is from a great career source called The Muse.
We all have to work in some form or another.  So what if as a co-worker, you could make a colleague’s day or job more valued through the use of appreciation? In The Muse’s 5 Tips to Showing Employee’s Appreciation we find that even “Happy Birthday!” can go a long way.

Once you read it you’ll know my favorite tip is: “Thanks for the help.” We all like to feel like we are part of the team.  When you contribute to the greater good of the group or company, or pitch in even when it’s not on your list of things to do, a thank you is the best way to make everyone feel appreciated and included.

My next favorite tip: “Great Job!” Sure we all should have some sort of self-worth in the workplace, but recognition from others, especially in my mind when it’s not my manager, makes me try harder and feel happier at work.

See what tips you can start to incorporate in the workplace, OR come up with new ones that aren’t listed.  I’d love to hear how you share appreciation at work! Share a comment.



What additional ideas do you have for sharing appreciation, kindness, and/or gratitude?
Got a great link to share?  Let me know your ideas, tips, or links
so I can share one in a future Thankful Thursday’s issue!
Drop me a note or comment below.

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