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Gratitude… it’s a choice

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Another early am rise and I was inspired once again, this time by Nataly, the CEO and co-founder of Happier.

Have you heard of Happier? It’s a site and app that was created to help you find more joy in your life.  You can read posts on their site or use the app to capture and share the small moments that occur each day that make you happier. Plus they offer courses to help you “add more joy to your life.”

I primarily use the website site, being a non-smart-phone user, but often find little gems when I visit. Today found a great quote that really resonated with last week’s post about my goals, especially the one where I planned to list something I’m grateful for each week.

If you recall, I’d talked about how it can feel challenging to be grateful when things seem bleakest.  At times, even I have found it hard to remember that there is much to feel grateful for and to share my appreciation of what I have. So you can imagine that when I saw the quote by Benedictine monk, David Steindl-Rast, which Nataly heard in an Anatomy of Gratitude podcast, how powerful it was for me.

Gratitude Quote

This quote took some of the pressure off to feel infinitely grateful or happy about all things, all of the time. It said to me, that I can be grateful for and share my appreciation of the smallest thing, something that may only relate to one small moment of time, vs. the sum of everything I may be experiencing, going through or what’s affecting me by outside forces.

So remember, it’s OK to feel challenged to feel hugely grateful or even happy when things look quite bleak from your perspective, as long as you find that one thing.  That one thing IS there if you look hard enough, and make the choice to look for and acknowledge it.

I’m actually also quite confident that once you find that one thing, you’ll likely find at least one additional thing to be grateful and happy about. Maybe you’ll even share those two things and create a ripple effect for others to feel and/or share.


What do you think about David Steindl-Rast statement?   Do you believe you can find something to be grateful for even when things seem their darkest?
What one thing are you grateful for or happy about in this moment?


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