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Thankful Thursdays September 24th Edition

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Happy September everyone (and a goodbye, to the official end to summer – sigh…).  Today I have SIX great links to share with you as we transition into fall’s cooler and shorter days. 

Sit back and enjoy these latest links that make me smile on this Thankful Thursday — (My tribute to stories and videos that exemplify appreciation, those that have moved me, and other people making a difference.)


The Kindness Blog – A blog that can will move you.

Unlike past Thankful Thursday’s you’ll note that in this edition, I’m feeling the love for the Kindness Blog, a site I found via @KindnessDude on Twitter in mid-August. It’s a site that shares media stories featuring kindness in all it’s varied forms.  (They are always looking for guest writers – so try your hand!)  There were so many inspirational stories that I was inspired to reblog my first non-The Appreciation Factor post with the 9/3 Mike The Mailman entry.  I think you’ll enjoy this site as much as I do.  

I’ve tried not to overwhelm you, but tried to give you a small taste with just 3 links. I highly recommend following them as a blog and on Twitter. It’s worth it I promise!

  1. Simple to the point. Going beyond in a time of need. Firemen finishing the job.
  2. As a convertible owner myself, I thought – “wow!” This likely wouldn’t happen in my neck of the woods, but how nice if it did. Covering up in a storm.
  3. Do you want to share a Random Act of Kindness and need some ideas?  I liked these 7 Online Kindness Tips by Louise Massol, the author of the Positive Soup blog.
    I especially liked numbers: 1, 4 and 7.


4. Time Sensitive: But #ShareABear while there’s still time!

Caring is sharing and I found this gem via the Random Acts of Kindness organization, but it’s really Snuggle® softener that wants you to participate in #ShareABear to celebrate national 264607Teddy Bear Day and the month of SeptemBEAR!

Snuggle is spreading joy and brightening children in need by giving away teddy bears through #ShareABear.  To participate, Snuggle is encouraging everyone to share a photo, video or story of you and a special teddy bear in your life.  Snuggle will donate 5,000 bears through Random Acts, a non-profit organization, to help brighten the days of children in need.

Read more about Snuggle’s #ShareABear program, but also enjoy these fun facts about importance of Teddy Bears in people’s lives that they gathered from 5,500 consumers:

  • 73% of people had a teddy bear as their first stuffed animal
  • 38% still sleep with their teddy bear but won’t tell their friends!
  • 71% still find comfort in their bear when sick
  • 54% have passed down a teddy bear to a child or loved one
  • 44% of people own more than four teddy bears!



5. Girl Power Doesn’t Have to Take a Feminine Form


Capt. Plasma. Photo source: Star Wars/Lucas Films

A little off the usual tact I take here, but I LOVE this call-out from Man vs. Pink on Twitter.

5.  A quick look at how Star Wars ended a gender stereotype discussion with 11 words on Facebook. Kudos! Girl Power in its own right, is powerful.
As Eric March the author notes:  Armor: “It doesn’t matter how good it looks at a pool party. Man or woman, it just needs to keep you the hell alive.


Source: Man vs. Pink/Star Wars/Lucas Films

In case you cannot read it:

Cody Paul: Not to be sexist but it’s really hard to tell that’s female armor for me

Star Wars: It’s armor. On a woman. It doesn’t have to look feminine.

Enough Said.

6. Anti-Bullying Finally The Messages Are getting out.

Here’s a great way a father is helping combat anti-bullying and reminding his daughter and others how important it is to love your self no matter “your weight, your color or size.”  (P.S.  OK so I lied, learned about this one from the Kindness Blog too but definitely worth the stand-alone!)  Read the story here.  Definitely watch the video below. I thought it was kind of catchy.


Some great stuff this month. Did you like what you read?  Tell me about it. 

Like what you see and have a story you’d like me to feature in my next Thankful Thursdays, let me know. I love referrals and will mention you below.
Send me your links today via my Blog or Twitter.


**I am/my blog is NOT paid to support/share comments or promotions about any organization or company above. All comments and points of view are mine unless specified.
This issue is Thanks to: KindnessBlog, Patriots92, The Random Acts of Kindness organization, PR Newswire, Upworthy, Eric March, Man vs. Pink.

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