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Thankful Thursdays – May 28th Edition


Time to share some links that make me smile on this Thankful Thursday — my periodic tribute to stories and videos that exemplify appreciation, those that have moved me, and other people making a difference. Five great ones today!  (I’m always open to suggestions so send them along!)

Never Underestimate the Power of a Handwritten Note – Even Lunchbox ones

Source: Lunchbox Letters/Skye Gould

This was a great story I came across on one of my favorite sites, the Huffington Post Good News. In sixth grade, Skye Gould’s mom put a handwritten note in her lunchbox note everyday, each was filled with love, appreciation and “lunchbox advice.”  It was a way for her mother for to connect with her 12-year old and “implant positive messages” and “give her confidence and advice without sounding like a nagging mom.”  It looks like it worked.

Over a decade later, Gould turned the letters into her masters thesis and created Advice From My Mom.  You can read more about this story here.

Daring to be Different – Makeovers needed

Toy Like Me, was inspired by a Facebook campaign (now community) and initiated by parents of children with disabilities who wanted to see greater diversity in the toys that clutter their playroom floors; forward thinking UK toy maker, Makies, took the challenge on and is making waves.

Source: Makies


These dolls take appreciation diversity and our uniqueness to a whole new level.  There are dolls with birth marks, hearing aids and even those with insulin tubes.  Makies plans to also provide “inclusive accessories” – like walking aids and wheelchairs shortly and already offers a design your own option.

However, while Makies is making these changes happen, Toys Like Me advocate, Rebecca Atkinson, has taken her plea public and is challenging Playmobil, Mattel, LEGO, and Hasbro to make their toy lines more representative as well.  Check out the story of this inspirational endeavor here.

Make Way for Ducklings

This one would make Boston, MA proud, except it’s across the “pond” as they say – or perhaps they say that only if you were in England?  Not to be discounted, ducks are important and should be appreciated too.  Check out the way that London, Birmingham, and Manchester are creating a “Make Way for Ducklings” of their own.


Social Good via Shared Value

Source: Upworthy & Lucky Iron Fish

When we talk about helping others, I don’t think this has to mean throwing money at a problem via a donation. Don’t get me wrong, money donated to help aid or solve a problem/catastrophe is a good thing and shouldn’t be discounted, but I’m thinking about taking it a step farther via an approach called shared value.

Shared value is a solution where one (usually a business) uses a product or service to address and solve a society’s needs or challenges.  In turn the company is also making a profit for the greater good.  Some may see this as self-serving for the business, but in the examples I’ve seen, the benefits of the solution outweigh what many would see as a profitability approach for an altruistic one.   I thought these iron fish were a great example and one that was helping many with such a “wish I’d thought of that” solution. Check out the article here.

So Happy Together

While this one is a stretch for what I’d normally put in the Thankful Thursday post, I cannot get enough of this commercial for Plenti. (For those who have not heard of it yet, Plenti is a rewards program/card that earns you  (Plenti) points on things you buy every day at gas stations, supermarkets, and online retailers. Points then translate into savings, i.e., a percentage off or $X in savings.) (Some participating partners: Exxon Mobile, Macy’s AT&T Wireless, Nationwide, Hulu and more.)

Why I included it?  I love it when we create “faces” from everyday items.  I’m especially enamored with the deodorant and the pink purse in this commercial. It makes me smile broadly every time it comes on and well you are being “appreciated” for the things you buy. – OK a bit of a stretch, but I still think you’ll enjoy it.  


 Got a great link or story to share? Is a company or an individual making a difference in a way I should know about and share with others? Contact me today?  

Hope you’ll share these inspiring links with others! (Let me know if you do. I love to hear when I’ve inspired someone.)

**Neither I nor my blog are paid to support/share comments with any organization nor company. All comments and points of view are mine unless specified.
Thanks to Upworthy, Huffington Post, Huffington Post Good News, Skye Gould, Mashable,

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – May 28th Edition

  1. Went to Macy’s they do not have pink handbag, similar but not the one in the Plenti commericial
    thought it was Betsey Johnson, but someone said its a Hermes Birkin knock off, I’m not paying $15,000 for any purse. I’ll just suffer….wanting that purse.


    • :{ Sorry for the bag disappointment – I too would NOT pay $15K for a bag. (Tho’ I’m more vintage clutch girl for $15 (minus the K) myself. ) Likely culprit – highly paid product placement and/or sell out b/c many like you saw it and wanted it and there were only select few. Still feel your pain and once tried to get a dress I saw via that Style show w/ JSimpson – sold out before opening next day. Sigh.. Thanks for commenting and for stopping by. Hope you’ll check out my site and Thankful Thurs feat. again – Next one this week!


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