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Thankful Thursdays – April 23rd Edition


Lots to inspire as of late.  Today for Thankful Thursday, I have 7 great links for you. 

I thought four were really inspiring, one made me think differently and the last two are a little gift dedicated to my fellow bloggers with a little help from I Can Build A Blog. 

*If you’re new to the Appreciation Factor, On select Thursday’s I like to post links to stories and videos that exemplify appreciation, those that have moved me, and others making a difference. (I’m always open to suggestions so send them along!)


Boston Marathon Runner’s Testament of Courage

As you know, Boston was profoundly affected by the marathon bombings in 2013 and we continue to hear the challenges the survivors have gone through, especially during current trial.  This post – which several hours after it was posted had already received over 2 million views.  You’ll see why when you see survivor, Rebekah Gregory cross the finish line and shows just how she doesn’t let the challenges she’s faced define her.

Talk about appreciating your employees.

In the news there has been much talk about equal pay – especially for women.  This CEO, Dan Price, however took, what I consider a tremendous risk for good, after learning that employee contentment is more prevalent with salaries around $70,000. He decided that everyone in his firm (yes you read that right)  would earn at least $70,000.  This change meant that he also took a $900,000 pay cut to make it happen.  30 people even doubled their salary!

View the story HERE

That trip will bring you longer happiness and appreciation of a good time than that Apple Watch

I enjoyed this Fast Company article because I find that even I can fall in to the trap of buying things to make me feel good, or better about myself at times. However, I often get buyer’s remorse, and the clothing or item doesn’t bring the long-term happiness I’d like to see. I think I’ll be taking this tip and booking a trip with a friend!

How Much Can You Give?

Call me an instant fan and addicted!  Giveable Films came on to my radar after they followed me on my Twitter page.  Jake and his crew truly are trying to make the world a nicer place and paying it forward.  I’m really impressed by what they’ve done so far!  You can watch all of their videos on their You Tube channel, but for  Thankful Thursday, I’ve included two quick links.

Free Gas                          Big Tips

One has Jake visiting a gas station and creating a chain reaction of paying it forward, the second, Jake and his friends left some nice tips for several deserving waitresses/waiters.  He also got to know them and treat them as an equal vs. simply putting in an order.

MobileGeddon – A gift for my fellow Blog owners 

As many of you have heard Google recently made an algorithm date that will affect millions of websites.  In effect, those sites that are mobile friendly design-wise won’t have an issue, but if your site is NOT mobile friendly, you will likely see a significant drop in mobile search traffic.  **Desktop or tablet traffic is said not to be affected. Think smartphone traffic.

Thanks to I Can Build a Blog, I found a great straight forward post about the changes here.  You’ll also find tips specific to Blogger blogs and Word Press blogs.

Plus HERE is a quick link, provided by Google, where you can quickly check your site, simply by putting in your URL and seeing if it’s mobile friendly.

And in case you were wondering… Yes! The Appreciation Factor is mobile friendly, so tell your friends or check out the site on their smart phones!

I love hearing about new sites and links to share. Got one that’s inspired or moved you?  Send it my way! 

What did you think of today’s Links? – Share your thoughts in the Comments.  Share these with other’s if something touched you!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays – April 23rd Edition

  1. I liked the link about experiences/trips versus material objects! Time to start planning.


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