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Thankful Thursdays – A New Feature!

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Two posts in a week!?  I’m spoiling you for sure, but let’s think of it as a random act of kindness on my part and a way to share some great links – one of which can help you plan your Friday and Saturday!


Last month I posted, what is going to be a new feature at The Appreciation Factor called “Thankful Thursdays.”  Due to the timing of my first post however, the day necessitated that I change it to Friday Favorites. (If you missed it you can revisit it here.)  

This feature (posted on select Thursdays and from-this-point-on called “Thankful Thursdays”) will provide you with some inspiring sites/links/posts that I find out through my followers, via social media, on the internet or in the news, and all of which want to share with you.  For the most part, I’ll share ways on how you can give back, information about others making a difference, or links that may simply make you smile. I hope you like this new feature!


DON’T MISS THIS – 2 Global Acts of Kindness Days via an Annual Melee of KindnessAMOK_2015_tag_white-green

In February I shared ways you could make a difference during Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 9th – 15th). Did you participate?  Fear not if you missed it!  This coming Friday and Saturday, March 21st and 22nd, are designated as GLOBAL kindness “days” or an Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK) where you get a second chance to do something good, for kindness sake.

There are “formal” ways you can participate by going to The Random Acts of Kindness organization’s website or participate on your own, by downloading and using my handy tags (updated just for this event), or come up with your own tasks!  I can’t wait to hear what you did!  Please share your RAOK in the comments of this post, and perhaps you’ll inspire someone else.  Remember #smallactbigchange. 

Source: The Random Acts organization 


I love businesses that pay it forward.  This one has already “raised” $10,000 to make a difference.
Post-it notes

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza at 25 South 11th Street in Philadelphia created a way for patrons to help out the homeless, all thanks to a request by a customer who asked if he could help.

After asking the owner, Mason Wartman, if there was a way a patron could help cover the cost of pizza, if a homeless man or woman didn’t have enough, the post-it coupon was born.   In return for a $1, the cost of one slice, a patron can write a message on a post-it note and paste it on the wall.  Homeless men and women who want a hot meal, but don’t have the funds, or even if someone is simply a little short that day, will exchange one of these messages for a free slice. There are currently over $10,000 in free slices available!  How is that for giving to your fellow-man.  Read the entire story here.

Inspired?  You can remotely make a donation if you don’t live near Rosa’s.  Personally, I’d love to see this happen at a restaurant near me!   While the owner never intended to get in to the Pizza business out of college, it’s clear that this was the path he was meant to take.

Source: Upworthy on Facebook



There’s a Superhero in All Many of Us

This story comes out of the UK and features a 20-year who teaches us that everyone deserves a helping hand, no matter their situation.  By day/early evening, mild-mannered bartender, by night the Birmingham Spider Man who helps feed the homeless.  Wishing to be anonymous, he said that one perk to wearing the Spider Man gear is that since wearing it, people wonder what he is doing, walk up to him and ask how they can help.  In lieu of donations, he wants those who ask to help, to instead go out there, get involved and find a way to make a difference.   He also pays for all of the food he hands out, making him a selfless “spider” for sure.

Source: Huffington Post and the I Am Birmingham (FB page)



Having a Bad Day and Need a Hug? I’ve got the place for you.Virtual Hug

I first heard about this site about four years ago, even before starting The Appreciation Factor.  I was having a challenging day, and a friend told me about a site that could help turn it around called the Happiest Place on the Internet. (You can click the live link to the left and here’s the actual URL – It’s a bit difficult to remember – at least for me!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but know that it has evolved since I first visited the site.  This is partly due to visitors contributing their own videos and the location of the main camera has also moved.  While I know some may see it as creepy, I really liked the sentiment and didn’t read anything in to it.  To add your own video – click the contact button on the site and ask how.



Another Way to Smile

I don’t know about you, but a surefire way to get in a better mood for me is to hear a great tune that makes me want to dance.  My current favorite pick, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars. If the Happiest Place on the Internet didn’t do it for you, this will.
It’s definitely a different way to approach your fitness and get your groove on, if you’re fairly physically fit that is. Otherwise just watch, be inspired and amazed.  Carson Dean, a LA choreographer came up with this routine and posted it just this week.  (As an aside I found it a bit reminiscent of Jamiroquai’s Virtual Reality  and OK Go’s Here It Goes Again.) Wish I was this creative and perhaps physically fit to try this at home!
Source: You Tube

What did you think?  Inspired?  Going out to make a difference on your own?
Figuring out how you can post a cool video routine to your favorite song?
Have a favorite link, post or event you want me to share?

Tell me about it!

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