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What Will You Do to Make a Difference? – RAK Week 2015

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Repayment QuoteIt’s time to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb 9th – 15th).
I’ve spoken about this great week before but it’s one that should not only get a mention again, but should be an frequent activity throughout the year.  It’s always a good thing to help others and show you care.  When you spread kindness, it comes back to you, almost always when you need the most.



A Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) is something small or big, that can make a difference in someone else’s day.  Taking a moment to compliment someone or help him/her out can make a HUGE difference.  It can turn what may be a challenging morning/afternoon around, give a boost of confidence to someone who needs it, or make someone feel appreciated — and who doesn’t want to feel appreciated.

Some of you may believe that this may cost a lot to do, but there are many ways that you can spread kindness that don’t cost a thing, or have a nominal cost.  To keep this topic fresh, I’ve been reading other blogs for new ways to spread kindness to virtual strangers and to those I know and love. I’ve been inspired, seeing tips for things I’d never considered, and many that were free or only cost a dollar or two.  Really… the amount you want to spend is up to you.  It’s more about the effort you make, than in the cost, that makes it so meaningful.


Here are The Appreciation Factor’s Top 11 ways you can participate in Random Acts of Kindness Week (and beyond!):

1You Look Amazing.    Place/take positive sticky notes to a computer screen, bathroom or dressing room mirror, complimenting the person who comes across it. (Keep reading for tags you can use!) 


2.   Let the person with fewer items or simply the next person in line, go ahead of you.

 3.   Shovel out your neighbors car/driveway without being asked. (This is something that would REALLY be appreciated here in New England after one of our seemingly never-ending snow storms!)

blog-raok-target-dollar-1 Spread a little love4.   At Target or a Dollar Store (in the Dollar Spot (Target) or where you think it could be needed most (Dollar Store), leave a $1 in a zip lock with a note for the finder to buy themselves a little something!  (This was a great tip from Kristi’s Chaos’s blog.  See picture to the right)

5.   Send a “Just Because Note” or handmade card to someone you appreciate/who has made a difference in your life  Need ideas? Visit my “Just Because Notes” post for tips and to learn more.

6.   Clean out/up the office refrigerator/kitchen/microwave without being asked. Everyone knows how messy this space can get!

 7.   Donate “Fun Foods” (think Cake or brownie mix, frosting, lobster bisque, canned shrimp etc..) to your local food pantry. These are items that would be considered a luxury to someone in need, and would definitely put a smile on his/her face. (Be sure to check into any donation restrictions at your food pantry first!)

8.   Buy a bouquet of flowers and hand one out to every one you come across on the street until you run out.

9.   Return your shopping cart at the store entrance vs. in one of the cart corrals in the lot. 
(The staff who have to wrangle the carts back to the store will appreciate it!)

10.  Offer to eat lunch with someone who is sitting by themselves at a table. 

11. Compliment the next 3 people you run in to.  Make them feel worthy of a compliment!

*** Extra Tip!  I’ve found those tasks/acts that are done on the down low (no interaction/no publicity) have been the most rewarding.  I know it may be hard not to “take credit,” but think about how you have felt when something unexpectedly pleasant has happened to you. You want to pass that feeling of joy on.  I challenge you to make at least 1 of your tasks one on the down low. 

Need more inspiration:  Visit The Random Acts of Kindness page for additional tips.    Want Tags you can use to attached to a RAOK Gift or Compliment for a mirror?  Here’s sheet of RAOK tags you can download.

Share your comments on my blog on how you’ll participate in RAOK Week or TWEET ME (@TheAFactorBlog) with your ideas!  I’ll be tweeting next week too!



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