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Word of the Year – 2015 Edition

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It’s that time of year again where many of us make resolutions – few of them are kept through January – and we promise “we’ll do better this year.”  Well I’ve thought about it, and realized that to help me improve this year, I could use a “Word of the Year.”  It’s something that can become a touchstone when things are going awry, something to use as a mantra and something to help improve myself in 2015; ultimately something to help make me a better person.

Finding just the right word was not easy – I’m not sure picking a “Word of the Year” should be if we’re being honest and our intention is to truly push ourselves in a different/better way.

Before I go on, for those of you not familiar with Word of the Year here’s a quick “definition”:
A Word of the Year (WOTY) is a word that someone chooses to help embody how she/he want to live their next 365 days.
I use it when I need to reset my direction, reassure myself that I am going in the right direction, and help keep me on a path that I can be proud of.

 This year I’ve chosen:

Trust Image



Many cautioned me about picking this word. It’s something that is hard to earn, and even harder to get back once it’s been damaged. I’ve found that I could use a little more trust – both personally and professionally.  To be successful with my selection, I’m putting myself out here and being candid about how I want to use this word this year and how I can improve. I’m hoping that doing so will lead to success.
These are 3 things I’m aiming for with this Word of the Year:


  • I’d like to Trust that everything will work out.  Almost a “I trust that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment” idea. There are times where I can lose my way (we all can), and going back to this mantra and belief I hope will prove to be helpful.  I know that things don’t always work out they way we expect them to, or at times the way I want them to. I need to increase my trust that no matter what, things that happen are part of a larger plan, and bigger and better things can happen from the unexpected.


  • I’d like to Trust that those I work with are accountable for their contribution.  We’ve all had times where we’ve taken ownership/responsibility for things that we did not have a true hand in the outcome. (e.g., I say/think it’s my fault – even when there is not way I could have affected the outcome.)  I also know that when I am a project manager, I am ultimately responsible for the delivery of a project, but that each individual team member also has to take ownership for their piece of the project.  While still providing top-notch customer service, I’d like to let go a little more and come in with the trust that a new team will deliver what’s needed, and on time. If she/he doesn’t, I know it’s my responsibility to help reset expectations, motivate the group, and assist in getting it back on track. The part that she/he needs to deliver is owned by her/him and I will work to increase my trust that they will get it done, and that I can only own only what I can own.


  • I’d like to be open and start with Trust when meeting new people.  I am not being naïve here, but I’ve been thinking about being more “open” when meeting those I do not know. Think of how many wonderful people we may come across who could enrich our lives, or share a perspective we did not think about if we only gave them a chance. (The latter something I try to do with The Appreciation Factor.)  I’d like to improve how open and trusting I am when it comes to meeting strangers.   No I will NOT give them all of my money, share passwords, or even my home address after meeting them for five minutes, but I will work on being more open and trusting of their intentions of wanting to meet new people, share an idea, or become a friend or trusted colleague.  Who knows how or what role she/he may play in my future happiness or career goals.


I hope that I will report back to you in December on how I made out with this year’s Word of the Year.  The idea of trust is a leap of faith in some ways, and I think it’s always something that we can improve upon, or strive to have more of in our lives.


Do you have a Word of the Year or have you had one in the past?
What results did you find in identifying one in the new year? Did you find it motivating, or a touchstone?
What do you think of my WOTY choice?
Send your feedback or comments.


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