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Count Your Blessings – Even the Small Things Matter

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While reading one of my LinkedIn Group e-letters today, I came across this great 21 Day Happiness Challenge.  It falls right in line with what I talk to and am focused on in this blog, appreciating the people, things and opportunities around you.  I couldn’t help but share this great story.

Tory Johnson, of Spark & Hustle  and also known for her Good Morning America Deals, posted a challenge on her Facebook page.  It was sparked when she received negative comments after she congratulated Madonna on her Superbowl appearance, (Why Trash Madonna).  In the post she was “stunned when [she] posted “Go Madonna!” on [her] Facebook wall and several people trashed the Material Girl’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl.”  She went on to argue that while everyone can have an opinion, it seemed that some went out of their way to be negative.  I agree.

In part, I started this blog to share some of the positives in this world and how we can look at things in a different light or should pause when faced with a challenge or negative perception.  Today so much of what we hear or experience focuses on negativity (just think about your nightly news).  I’d rather share ways of how to stop and look around us and appreciate what’s in front of us or focus on what we’re grateful in those moments of negativity or adversity.  And baring that, perhaps all it would take to turn around that moment or day would be to do something for someone else or acknowledge what they bring to your life/how they helped today.  Something to consider don’t you think?

In the 21 Day Happiness Challenge,  Ms. Johnson wants her followers to share three little or big things that they are grateful for each day, for 21-days, which by the way is statistically how long it takes us to create a long-term habit.  She wants people to focus the things that they can appreciate versus assuming nothing went well or that everything went wrong.  It will be interesting to see the results.

While the Challenge officially started on February 7th and ends February 27th, I think that this should be something we consider putting into practice beyond that “end” date/21 days.  Why not count your blessings about the things that you appreciate on a daily basis?  Or even better yet, recognize verbally or through writing who you appreciate and why?  

Did you know that research has shown that we are 31% more successful when we’re happy and that we have optimized brain function when we think positively?    

Here are the three things I’m grateful for today:
1.  Finding this article to further remind myself that each and every day I can find something to be grateful for even on the tough ones
2.  The positive feedback I received today on my blog
3.  Having a chance to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather today. (It felt like it was at least 50 degrees!)

I’m also going to add one more for today. (Hey, it was an especially good day!)
4.  Having a client say that he recommended me to another business owner just because he was so happy with my work and not because I’d asked him to

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